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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 19:52

OE Shop Certification Programs: Assured Performance Network

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What shops are eligible?


Any dealer-owned, independently owned body shop or MSO that meets the certification’s combined requirements as published. Some OEMs have additional requirements, e.g. Ford Certification requires additional aluminum-specific [requirements].


Must an independent shop be sponsored by a dealer? If so, has that caused any problems?


There are requirements to have a dealer sponsor the shop for some of the OEMs, but dealers are NOT limited to how many and which of their body shop customers they can sponsor, eliminating the opportunity for unethical practices in pay-to-play and extorting for access.

Which OEs do you represent?


Assured Performance is the partner and administrator for Nissan, FCA, Hyundai, Infiniti, Ford and Kia.


What is the fee for the program? Does the program run on an annual basis?


$2,950 per year is the base certification fee for independent shops, plus various optional marketing and signage fees specifically for each OE certification-recognition the collision repairer elects to enroll in. All programs combined are approximately $6,300 annually total, but there is no cost for the ShopOps or Quality Assurance systems. This total cost represents less than 40 percent of the full overall costs of all of the programs. The shop’s annual fees are subsidized by the participating OEM by as much as 60 percent.


Yes, the program runs on an annual basis.


Do you inspect every shop and if so, who does the inspections?


Yes, every collision repairer is inspected and audited onsite on an annual basis. The results are documented, electronically published and posted online for additional internal auditors to review and approve. Assured Performance maintains a national network of onsite inspectors/auditors that use smart apps with GPS location tracking to ensure integrity.

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