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OE Shop Certification Programs: American Honda

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Welcome to the first of what will be a series of articles on one of the hottest topics in the collision industry today: OE shop certification programs. 


For our first one, we spoke with Rossana Alvarez, Assistant National Manager for Collision Parts Marketing for American Honda.

ABN: Does your program have a specific name?

American Honda: The full name is ProFirst Certified Body Shop program, more often referred to as simply “ProFirst.”  The program was introduced at the Northeast Trade Show on March 18, 2015 but the official launch date was April 1, 2015 to coincide with our fiscal year.

ABN: What is the main purpose of the program?

American Honda: As stated in our program term and conditions, the purpose of the ProFirst Certified Body Shop Program is three-fold:

  • *Promote the correct, complete, and safe repair of Honda and Acura vehicles.
  • *Provide support to those collision repair businesses who have demonstrated a commitment to a high level of customer care and satisfaction.
  • *Provide Honda and Acura owners with a high level of confidence that their collision-damaged vehicle will be repaired in a complete and safe manner

ABN: What are the program requirements?

American Honda:  First and foremost the shop must be an I-CAR Gold Class shop or, as an alternative, be a VeriFacts VQ or Medallion shop.  About 90 percent of our shops are Gold Class, about five percent are VeriFacts shops and five percent are both.

We also have some OE-specific training that must be completed and maintained.  This includes six on-line classes, developed by Honda and administered by I-CAR that must be completed by at least one estimator, and two steel-structural technicians or one steel structural and one steel non-structural technician.

We have a rather lengthy tool and equipment list that the shop must have.  However, we do not specify a brand of equipment, only that whatever the shop has meets our specifications.

The shop must have a CSI system although we do not specify the provider.  We know there are several out there and some of our dealer-shops have their own and I know some of the MSO’s have their own.  We simply feel that the shop owner or manager must be aware of how his customers feel about their experience with the shop.

We don’t have specific facility requirements but we expect the shop to be clean and professional looking and customer-centric where it needs to be.

ABN: What are the program benefits?

American Honda: Each shop receives the following:

  • *Wall plaque which is replaced each year* Outdoor metal sign
  • *Use of the ProFirst logo on the shop’s website and social media sites
  • *Free access to Honda/Acura repair information
  • *Free access to Honda/Acura parts catalogs
  • *Their shop’s name listed as a search result on American Honda’s ProFirst Shop Locator, which is located on American Honda’s parts and service consumer web site (owners.honda.com/parts-service/), and American Honda’s collision web site (collision.honda.com)
  • *Free access to a technical help line which will go all the way to Japan if necessary 
  • *Honda and Acura owners can have their collision-damaged car towed free to a ProFirst shop if the vehicle is still under warranty and under the Roadside Assistance program
  • *Shops receive several free collateral advertising items including consumer-targeted brochures, a poster, and window-clings* Shops have exclusive access to a Los-Angeles based vendor who can provide various promotional items emblazoned with the ProFirst logo and the shop’s name.
  • *Each shop receives the ProFirst Quarterly magazine free

As an adjunct benefit, for about two years, American Honda has been promoting ProFirst shops in two of the insurance industry’s leading magazines.

ABN: What shops are eligible?

American Honda: Both dealer-owned and independent shops are welcome as long as they meet the program requirements.

ABN: Must an independent shop be sponsored by a dealer? (If so has that caused any problems?)

American Honda: We went that route with a prior “recognized” program and yes, there were problems so we chose not to do that again.

ABN: Are any shops specifically ineligible?

American Honda: Our program is limited to US shops and dealers.  We occasionally get calls from shops or dealers in Canada.  Honda Canada has their own program, also called ProFirst, but it is under their own auspices.  Other ineligible shops include those that cannot or will not meet Honda’s requirements.

ABN: What is the fee for the program? / Does the program run on an annual basis?

American Honda:  The annual fee is $2700.  It is the same for both dealer and independent shops.

ABN: Do you inspect every shop and if so, who does the inspections?

American Honda: Every shop is inspected on an annual basis to ensure program compliance.  Some shops question the need for an annual inspection.  However, managers change, technicians change and so maintaining compliance is an on-going issue.

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