Friday, 16 June 2017 14:51

Do You Know Your Terms? Scanning, ESC, SAS and ADAS

Written by Toby Chess


In order to take a look at how a remote diagnostic unit works, I performed a pre scan on a 2017 Toyota Camry that had damage to the rear bumper and lower portion of the right rear quarter panel.

A technician from Marina Autobody hooked up his Air Pro Unit to the OB2 port.


The prompts on the lap were followed. A report was sent to the shop after the scan was completed.


Two fault codes were triggered by the blind spot system. The technician found that the blind spot monitor was not connected, which he proceeded to reconnect.


It should be noted that Toyota in CRIB # 177 states the following:


Any of the following conditions could set a DTC, illuminate the SRS MIL, or cause the PASSENGER AIRBAG light to indicate incorrectly, regardless of occupancy:

• The OCS Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is replaced
• Accessories such as a seatback tray are installed on the passenger seat
• The passenger seat is removed and replaced or reinstalled
• The vehicle is involved in an accident or collision.

In other words, a calibration of the OCS system needs to be performed. The Air Pro technician also performed this operation when the technician performed the next scan. The codes for the blind spot module were also cleared.


With the codes clear, the vehicle was ready for its final Q/C and detail for delivery.



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