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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 18:19

Shop Strategies: How a Body Shop Owner Revamped His Business After Arrest

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Q: After this experience and revamping your shop, what message would you share with other shops?


A: I would say that most people in this industry are good people. Most body shop owners honestly do want to repair their customers’ vehicles properly. What ends up happening through the years is people lose sight of what’s important after they have insurance company after insurance company telling them how to run their business. As shop owners, we tend to feel like we are David against Goliath.


I say to all the shop owners reading this: Do what is in your heart. You do not need an insurance company DRP to keep your shop going. You do need customers though. Do what is right for your customers and stop being scared of the insurance companies. Doing the right thing by your customers will pay tenfold in the long run. Your customers may be hesitant at first that you’re not part of a DRP program. However, through the years you will be able to better service them and people will notice. Your customers will respect you more. Most importantly, you will respect yourself more. We believe in honesty, integrity and perseverance in everything we do. No exceptions.


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