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Monday, 15 October 2018 22:11

Flying Cars! Hilarious Prototypes of the Last Century

Written by Marea Harris, The Vintage News

Flying cars are typically something we see in science fiction films. Most people don’t know that shortly after the Wright brothers built the first flying vehicle in 1903, people were already picturing a future where cars zipped through the air.

For those body shops still not convinced that obtaining OEM certifications is a critical component for surviving in the future, Robb Young of Assured Performance said, “Change is necessary if you want to capitalize on the opportunity of the future. If you continue to run your business the same way you have been, five years from now your business will either be dying or go out of business.”

Oasis Vehicle Refreshments, the innovator and manufacturer of refrigerated vending systems for public transit vehicles like taxis, rental cars or autonomous vehicles, announced that it has received the first patent on its intelligent vending system technology.


Writing a proper estimate is an important component of running a successful collision repair facility.


Among the most common types of questions I get from shops is something like this:

Some Benevolence cars are used by their recipients for many years as a reliable form of daily transportation, while others eventually sell them or give them to family members.

 20 Years Ago in the Collision Repair Industry (November 1998)


PPG has done a comprehensive study of over 2,000 collision repair facilities. Here is a snapshot of some of the statistics:


A body shop in the Bay Area gave me a swag bag full of stuff a few years ago that included pens, a t-shirt, a baseball cap, a coffee mug and several other items displaying the shop's logo.

Monday, 01 October 2018 22:05

Steve McQueen Wanted His Mustang Back, New Owner Refused To Sell

Written by E.L. Hamilton, The Vintage News

A letter came in the mail. Steve McQueen wanted his car back.

Monday, 24 September 2018 21:56

Cadillac Brougham Limo Turned Snowmobile Is Perhaps Peak Canada

Written by Sean Szymkowski, GM Authority

We mean this with utmost respect (because it’s seriously cool), but this Cadillac Brougham limousine turned snowmobile seems like peak Canada.

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