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A Busy March for the Automotive Recycling Industry

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The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) is preparing for a busy month in March with several conferences and their annual Hill Day and State Legislative Summit. Their series of events includes the Greater Midwest Auto Recycling Expo, the ARA Annual Hill Day, the ARA State Legislative Summit, the International Automobile Recycling Congress, and the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association’s Annual Convention.

The month will kick off on March 5-7 with the 22nd Greater Midwest Auto Recycling Expo in Kearney, NE. Hosted by ARA affiliate the Automotive Recycling Industry of Nebraska, this event is very popular with professional automotive recyclers in the Midwest.

On March 16 and 17, ARA members will flock to Washington DC for the ARA Annual Hill Day and State Legislative Summit Programs where they will represent the professional automotive recycling industry in the halls of Congress. ARA CEO Michael Wilson notes, “Automotive recyclers across the country look forward to this annual opportunity to make a difference on behalf of their businesses and the automotive recycling profession, educating members of Congress about the issues that are important to the industry and learning from their peers in neighboring states.”

This initiative will commence on Monday, March 16, with the ARA 8th Annual State Legislative Summit which began in 2008 as an opportunity for ARA members to identify critical legislative issues impacting the industry on a state level. This year’s Summit will focus on sharing information, discussing lessons learned last year, and addressing the issues currently dominating the 2015 state legislatures.

Association members will head to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, March 17, to meet with their Congressional representatives. Last year’s event included ARA members from over 20 states attending Hill Day to support the requiring of automotive manufacturers to provide OE parts data.

Wilson states, “Their efforts made a difference and contributed to a broader understanding in Congress of why OE parts data is critical to the industry as well as consumer safety. As a result of this and other direct outreach, members of Congress are on record asking automaker representatives about the sharing of OEM part numbers with the professional automotive recycling industry: http://www.c-span.org/video/?c4519887/rep-adam-kinzinger.

On March 25-27, ARA is going international. Their immediate past President Ed MacDonald, will be speaking at the International Automobile Recycling Congress in Berlin about end-of-life vehicle recycling in Canada’s Arctic. Wilson will also be in attendance as he continues building key relationships between ARA and the association’s global partners.

Additionally, ARA intends to update attendees about the association’s efforts related to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partners to gain access to OEM parts data. The 2015 International Automobile Recycling Congress will feature two keynote speakers. The Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association will highlight “the role of the automotive industry in the context of ELV recycling,” while Volkswagen’s Chief Officer for Environment, Energy and New Business Areas will share his opinions on Environmental Protection-Driving Innovation.

Meeting planners anticipate that the 2015 Congress will attract 250 automotive recyclers and industry stakeholders.ARA will conclude their hectic month on March 26-28 at the annual convention of an affiliate chapter, the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association, in Toronto. As the largest automotive recycling event and trade show in Canada, this event draws attendees from Canada as well as upstate NY and the greater New England area, including recyclers, repairers, insurers and other industry supporters.

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