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How Could Gaming Change the Future of Collision Repair Training?

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I-CAR's Jeff Peevy. I-CAR's Jeff Peevy.


...relatable and relevant. The interactive branching approach assesses how much you know over a series of questions and then ultimately can move you from a mainstream course design into a more basic or challenging position; it can adjust itself. Wherever you start is not important. Our goal is to bring everybody up to the same level, at your pace.”


Looking at technology’s impact on training content in the collision repair industry, Peevy stressed, given the speed of technological advances, I-CAR feels “the responsibility to work with the industry and collaborate with the industry to gain knowledge as quickly as we can. When a new technology shows up on the horizon, it’s our responsibility to explore and understand it. It may never go mainstream, but if it does, we’ll do our best to prepare the industry. We won’t wait for that technology to come to us.”


I-CAR is focused on providing relevant training for the many ongoing changes impacting the collision repair industry today and in the future. Peevy looked at some of the programs related to ADAS, EVs and I-CAR’s goals of figuring out "how we can do this differently, and we’ll continue to do that. We’d love to collaborate with anyone in the industry with interest or knowledge to share. We have this massive challenge that we all have to face with speed and momentum of change.”


Peevy encouraged collision repair industry professionals interested in collaborating on these exciting initiatives to contact him at Jeff.Peevy@i-car.com.


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