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Strategies to Help Auto Body Shops Navigate the Semiconductor Microchip Shortage

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Jade Terreberry Jade Terreberry


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The global semiconductor microchip shortage has been impacting vehicle manufacturing for the past year, but as the shortage persists, some experts anticipate its effects could be felt by the collision and automotive repair industries in the second half of 2021, potentially causing delays in cycle time as replacement parts become less available.

Although collision repairers cannot control disruptions in supply, Jade Terreberry, director of dealer sales analytics at Cox Automotive, offered “7 Strategies for Navigating the Chip Shortage” during a recent educational webinar, presented by Autotrader and Automotive News’ PowerTraining.


Moderator Terry Kosdrosky, audience engagement and social media editor for Automotive News, welcomed attendees and introduced Terreberry, who promised to identify “opportunities in areas where you can focus in the coming months to drive strategy, precision and accuracy to meet your goals. We're going to cover seven very specific strategies, but the message is bigger than that.”


Identifying the cause of the microchip shortage as “continued aftershocks of the pandemic,” Terreberry said, “A year ago, we couldn’t say how big this supply and demand imbalance situation would become, but we also know this industry is tough, and it's gritty, and it's smart, and we always use technology to change, adjust and really catapult us into the future.


"If you think about the disruptions [in the past] that created global supply chain issues, we always make it through," Terreberry said. "Not only do we make it through---in this industry, disruption is truly the catalyst that helps us change and find better ways to be more efficient and smarter to meet our consumers’ needs in better ways to ensure that we have a multi-pronged revenue stream approach to our businesses[…] We’re going to talk about driving our business into the future.”


Before exploring the strategies, Terreberry emphasized the importance of auto body shop owners understanding the market, where their business is today and where they want to be in the future.


Shops only want three things: to make more money, to sell more orders and to create loyal, lifetime customers, and every action taken by the business should be designed to drive those direct outcomes.


It's easy to...

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