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June CIECAST Explores Future of AI in the Collision Repair Industry

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...“best understand how to provide that decision-making for the best outcome of our consumers, our insurers and the body shop in that entire life cycle itself,” Davies said, as he discussed collision repair industry trending towards EVs and AVs, which are “highly specialized vehicles that require special skills and information.”


“Start embracing and implementing this technology," du Toit said. "Body shops will be allowed to focus more on executing repairs and less on the administration around estimating in the future. There will be less need for skills and experience as many things will be driven by the machine. Insurers will adopt AI driven workflows, and this will be the new normal.


"Don’t fight it; embrace it! Humans will always be required to teach the machine and verify its results, but the need will become less as the AI gets smarter. Human interaction will be more focused on the outliers and more complex and sophisticated processes.


“The willingness to adopt and implement AI has increased significantly,” du Toit concluded. “The demand is real. The change is real. And it’s here today.”


A replay of the June CIECAST is available online.


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