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Collision Training on ADAS, EVs, Total Losses and Phone Skills at ASA’s X50 Conference

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GM representatives were among the presenters at the recent ASA X50 Conference & Expo. GM representatives were among the presenters at the recent ASA X50 Conference & Expo.


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The recent ASA X50 Conference & Expo offered more than 50 live training sessions, including five classes specific to collision repair professionals.

“Our engaging platform will provide attendees with an inviting experience to learn from and interact with instructors, sponsors and their peers in a way that uses technology to strengthen their networks and build their industry knowledge,” said ASA Executive Director Ray Fisher.


GM’s John Eck and Chris Blackmore presented “GM Driving Technology: Advanced Technologies in ADAS and the Impact to the Repair Industry,” stressing the importance of scanning and calibrations and providing updates on GM’s Collision Repair Network processes.


“[GM has] planned over 20 new models in the coming years to move to an electric vehicle fleet," Eck said, noting regulations, safety expectations and ADAS features have influenced changes in the industry. "And that’s exciting times, but it also presents a mound of problems and issues for our industry that we have to resolve.


“Gas regulations required lighter vehicles, while also enhancing safety expectations,” Eck explained. “Safety is king, and customers are continually looking for safety options to protect their occupants and the investment they’ve made. That requires a change in how vehicles are built and the technology offered on them, including the creation of new ADAS systems. More features being added to vehicles, forcing evolutionary change. The goal is a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.”


Eck discussed the importance of scanning and calibration as it pertains to vehicles equipped with ADAS, including how to access GM’s calibration documents.


Blackmore then discussed the changes GM is making to its collision repair network processes, which includes benchmarking industry competitors, soliciting feedback from dealers and the collision industry, and collaborating cross-functionally with Global Aftersales Engineering, CCA Collision Wholesale Dealer Channel and Production Engineering.


“There’s no compromise when it comes to safety," Blackmore concluded. "OEM repair procedures must be used...

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