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ASA Bonus Webinar Explores Value of Return to Work Programs

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Nick DiCarlo Nick DiCarlo


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On March 31, ASA hosted a special bonus webinar, “Importance of a Return to Work Program for Your Bottom Line,” featuring Nick DiCarlo, vice president, regional sales director, AmeriTrust CONNECT.

Explaining the purpose of a return to work (RTW) program, he defined it as “a return to health and happiness.”


When employees are absent on workers’ compensation insurance, it impacts the productivity of the shop and the business’ bottom line. RTW programs allow employees to return to their normal or modified job duties as quickly and safely as possible, minimizing the indemnity of a claim.


In addition to lowering costs of workers’ compensation, studies have proven allowing injured employees to return to their regular schedule and environment, albeit with possible limitations based on doctor recommendations, helps them get back to their normal duties faster as well.


DiCarlo explained the benefits: “RTW programs reduce employee days away from work, enables them to recover more quickly, and it fosters a positive work environment, also showing other employees how much you care. These programs reduce the financial impact of workplace injuries, improve your ability to manage an injury claim and any restrictions, and increase productivity by getting your experienced employees back to work. RTW programs also allow you to keep in regular communication with your injured employees, while keeping them productive.”


The employee also benefits. With RTW programs, the employee retains full earning capacity; in most states, employees on workers’ compensation make about 66% of normal wages. They maintain their regular work schedule, do not need to depend on a disability system and have a greater sense of security and stability.


“RTW programs make team members feel that you care about them and getting them back to work," according to DiCarlo. "This tends to create...

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