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Monday, 07 December 2020 23:43

Collision Repair Industry Associations Make 2021 New Year's Resolutions

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...have the venue and the voice to address the very real challenges taking place on the collision repair center floor.


"As an association, 2021 brings an opportunity to help draw those challenges out, shine light onto some of the darker areas of the process that impact the consumer and find mechanisms to help improve understanding amongst all parties regarding what is necessary to properly repair these increasingly advanced vehicles that find their way into our facilities," Schulenburg said.


“2021 may hold many things in store for us and our industry, but the challenges only help to focus the resolve we have in our mission of SCRS,” Schulenburg continued. “There has never been a time where education, information and a voice of advocacy have been more necessary, and we remain steadfast in our intent to deliver on that for our members and non-members alike.”


“2021 presents an opportunity to demonstrate the true educated professionals that we are and take control of being the experts accordingly," Fisher noted. "Our project to identify the proper OE service procedures for pre/post scanning of vehicles and vehicle calibration for ADAS systems has been a great start, and ASA is grateful to our Collision Operations Committee volunteers and past board member Darrell Amberson for their devotion to the endeavor.


"Our responsibility is to return vehicles to their pre-loss conditions with the integrity of all safety systems as they were designed originally; the lives of families across the U.S. rely on us to do that!”


Despite the challenges that 2020 held for all of us, it’s reassuring to know these industry leaders are leading the charge to ensure 2021 sees growth, progress and success for collision repairers across the country.


I’m hopeful 2021 will allow us all to see each other face to face again, and I welcome feedback and suggestions so we can bring you the best information available in 2021.


Happy New Year, everyone! 


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