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Monday, 07 December 2020 23:43

Collision Repair Industry Associations Make 2021 New Year's Resolutions

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...he hopes to see in 2021 is unity.


"There is strength in numbers, and to create change, it’s crucial that we have the ability to share information, such as success or losses where we can all learn something to help improve our industry," McNee said. "From the claims process to vehicle technology, all our businesses have changed due to COVID-19, and we can no longer sit back and operate our businesses the same old way---owners and employees need to get involved. Things will not fix themselves.”


An area of the industry needing particular attention continues to be attracting new talent to the industry.


“We plan to continue to be creative and innovative when it comes to attracting students to local collision school programs, providing the support needed by instructors and students while in schools, and continuing to help connect students with local and national employers,” said Brandon Eckenrode, director of development for CREF.  


Anderson also emphasized the importance of AASP/MN remaining focused on the next generation of collision repairers.


“Despite the pandemic, the availability of a future workforce remains a high priority for the industry, so I expect that the work of MNCARS (Minnesota Careers in Auto Repair & Service) will continue," she siad. "Our YouTube advertising campaign has been extremely successful, as has been our work to support local high school auto programs."


“For 2021, NATA’s goal and desire are to work closer with all the schools in Oregon that offer automotive programs for our students,” said NATA Executive Director Cathi Webb. “NATA members’ No. 1 complaint is the lack of new employees, and I believe that the automotive programs need NATA’s help to keep their programs going and encourage our youth to consider our trades as a career option.


"Margaret Ragan in our office has done an excellent job in staying in touch with teachers and connecting NATA industries with the school’s needs. NATA hopes to expand on that course in 2021.”


AWAF President Susan Rokosz has a similar goal: “Our New Year’s resolution is to continue working towards greater diversity in the automotive industry," she said. "Greater diversity benefits...

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