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Collision Repair Industry Associations Make 2021 New Year's Resolutions

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On New Year’s Eve, people typically enjoy reflecting on the ending year, but 2020 has been a little chaotic, to say the least.

While no one seems particularly sad to say goodbye to 2020, there’s still excitement and hope for the incoming year, expressed by making New Year’s resolutions.


Collision repair industry associations are optimistic about the upcoming year and graciously agreed to share their 2021 New Year’s resolutions with Autobody News.


Because 2020 has contained so many unprecedented events and situations, many associations’ resolutions for the new year are centered around anticipating and addressing members’ imminent needs.


Bob Amendola, president of the ABAC, is “looking forward to making more headway on the challenges we face within our industry.”


“2020 brought a tremendous amount of change to the marketplace,” SCRS Executive Director Aaron Schulenburg observed, detailing that changes impacted how members interact with customers, vendors and carriers, as well as how they connect within the industry.


“Looking to 2021, the association is tremendously focused on what those interactions look like," Schulenburg said. "Since March, the SCRS has formed coalitions with a variety of trade groups to improve support for the small businesses we represent, including two that are seeking PPP forgiveness reform and supporting efforts to streamline forgiveness.


"The new year, and new administration, will bring new opportunities for the association to serve as a voice of the industry, seeking solutions that improve business conditions for those in our trade.”


“Each and every year, the alliance resolves to advance its mission to improve the state’s automotive service industry and the success of its members," said AASP/MN Executive Director Judell Anderson. "In 2021, I anticipate that work will revolve around helping members rebound from what has been a challenging 2020. We stand ready to be of service, based on the needs of our members.”


For Jerry McNee, president of AASP/NJ, the most important thing...

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