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Set Yourself Up for 2021 Marketing Success with Shop Marketing Pros

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Kim Walker Kim Walker


“Get it planned out, put it on your calendar and invite others from your shop to join you in creating content. If you listen to customers’ questions, you’ll have content and marketing material forever---if customers are complaining about allergies, record a short video for your website and social media channels explaining why it’s important to replace their cabin air filter,” Walker suggested.


“Marketing is about sharing useful information and helping customers solve their problems,” she continued. “We have to be proactive because marketing fails when it’s reactive. Be thoughtful and intentional in your marketing. How do you know if your marketing plan is successful? Track your results, and conduct regular progress checks, adjusting as needed until you reach your goals.”


Don’t forget to celebrate! As you reach each small goal, you should be rewarding yourself and your team. Ringing a bell, taking the team out for dinner or distributing bonuses are all great ideas for celebrating your successes, but how you take your victory lap is really about “what’s relevant to you and your team,” Walker said. “Figure out what actually matters to them, and cater your rewards to your team.


"You’re going to have bumps in the road, but you need to fail forward,” Walker said. “Pick yourself up and move on---just keep swimming and be better than you were yesterday.”


Shop Marketing Pro’s presentation, “Set Yourself Up for 2021 Marketing Success,” has been presented to ASA Florida and ASA Northwest. To learn more or schedule a presentation, visit shopmarketingpros.com

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