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Restore Crashworthiness with Corrosion Protection---Keys to a Safe and Proper Collision Repair

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Identifying the most difficult areas to achieve full paint coverage as the door hem flanges, wheel openings, lower rockers flanges and any flange sealed near a tight corner, Peirce cautioned, “These also happen to be the most corrosion vulnerable areas of the car, so caution should be exercised.”


Epoxy seam sealers provides better coverage then aerosol seam sealers, and it’s imperative to research OEM position statements and repair procedures in order to duplicate the original appearance and function of the seams.


Next, Algie discussed cavity wax OEM requirements, emphasizing, “Cavity wax must be applied to all interior cavities, weld flanges, hem flanges as well as any area affected by the repair, especially where any type of welding was performed.”


According to Peirce, a lack of corrosion protection inside cavities and on the back side of the welds is the most common problem found by post-repair inspection companies. He also discussed some of the quality control tools that shops should invest in, such as a borescope and a mil gauge, in order to perform their own post-repair inspections.


“Post-repair inspections are more common than many of us want to admit due to a more educated public---the educated consumer is much more aware,” Algie said.

“We ALL have a responsibility to restore crashworthiness, and that can only be achieved by researching and documented that you’ve followed the OEM repair instructions," Peirce said in conclusion. "You need documentation to prove that you followed the instructions, and you have to follow those recommendations; don’t choose equivalents because it’s definitely not worth a little bit of savings. Conduct your own post-repair inspection, and protect your shop.”


The webinar ended with a Q&A session. For more information on ASA and future educational webinars, visit www.asashop.org/asa-webinars/.

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