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Tips for SEO and Taking Great Photos from Shop Marketing Pros

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“If you need inspiration, check other shops’ social media accounts for idea,” he said. “Shoot more! Digital film is cheap, so just shoot. This is not the time to stop posting on social media. Discuss the steps you’re taking to protect customers, or photograph techs with gloves on. Show them what you’re doing instead of telling them.”


The session concluded with questions about the extent of staging shops should engage in when shooting photos.


“Everyone craves authenticity and genuineness, so I think when you post a raw picture of your techs with dirty hands, it reminds people why they’re paying you to work on their car---they don’t want to get down and dirty," said Shop Marketing Pros co-owner Kim Walker. "These posts can also demonstrate the enormous amount of tools and equipment you have, showcasing an authentic environment.”


“Don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not,” Portman added. “Sure, clean up the area, but you should be proud of your shop, and if you don’t want to show it off how it is, there may be a bigger issue that you need to address. You should be real. Be the shop you want to be.”


A replay of Portman’s presentation is available here.

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