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Friday, 10 April 2020 09:13

Collision Repair Community Provides Aid Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

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South County Technical School in St. Louis, MO, loaded a truck with more than 3,500 3M facemasks to donate to a local hospital. South County Technical School in St. Louis, MO, loaded a truck with more than 3,500 3M facemasks to donate to a local hospital.


COVID-19 has ravaged the U.S. for more than a month, but even as social distancing separates us physically, people around the world have come together to support and aid one another.

In the collision repair industry, equipment suppliers, paint manufacturers and industry associations have been hosting free informative webinars related to the ongoing crisis and updates on legislation, as well as other important topics.


Also, as essential personnel, collision repairers around the country have been hard at work, repairing ambulances, police vehicles and the vehicles of medical and other essential personnel.


Greg Murphy of Murphy’s Auto Body Frame in Crossett, AR, reported his shop was repairing three police vehicles.


“Someone has to keep them on the road,” Murphy said.


“We have to help the ambulances, the fire departments, the police department. They’re going to need someone here for them," said William Wells, owner of William Wells Tire & Auto in Starkville, MS.


Collision repairers around the country have also been stepping up to donate the masks and gloves that have been in short supply at hospitals around the U.S., where doctors and nurses risk their own health to save lives daily.


Many associations have called out to their members for donations, including the Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC), which reached out to members after receiving a request from the state’s Legislature asking for any personal protective equipment (PPE) they could donate.


“A lot of shops use PPE, and our local doctors and hospitals are in dire need of masks, gloves and other protective equipment," said Tricia Sauls, associate executive director.


When Charles Scilipote, owner of Auto Collision Specialists in Reisterstown, MD, heard medical professionals were in need of PPE, he obtained and donated 1,200 N95 masks to LifeBridge, an organization operating five hospitals in Maryland.


“It feels great, actually. This was the perfect thing to do," Scilipote said.

"[Scilipote] handed me two cases of masks, which are like gold for us," said Neil Meltzer, president and CEO of LifeBridge Health. "There was one team member that actually started crying when he heard that we had these masks because they're in such demand.”


Art Harris of Finish Pros, an MSO in the Atlanta, GA, region, responded to the request for N95 by donating 24 boxes of masks to local hospitals and nursing homes. He also started the #N95Challenge, encouraging other shops to follow suit.


“The body shop industry is some of the most powerful and influential people in the world, and when we get together, I don’t think there’s anything that can stop us," said Harris, a collision repair professional for more than 30 years. "We had extra masks, and if a small portion of shops have one box they can donate, we would definitely have a good impact.”

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