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Chasidy Rae Sisk


Chasidy Rae Sisk is a freelance writer from New Castle, DE, who writes on a variety of topics.

She can be reached at crsisk@gmail.com.



Tuesday, 07 April 2020 19:16

Special Edition April CIECAst Focuses on How Collision Industry is Addressing Challenges Created by the Coronavirus

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“Return” is the third stage, and entails creating a detailed plan to return business to scale quickly. Next, “reimagination” requires envisioning the next normal, including the implications for how institutions should reinvent themselves. Finally, “reform” requires being clear about how regulatory and competitive environments in the industry may shift.


“This battle is something we must win to find a path to the next normal, but the next normal may be different than the past normal," Porter said. "We need to be able to adapt our business practices and philosophies to the new normal.”


Porter provided details about the FFCRA, CARES Act and PPG.


“Each business should perform a thorough analysis to determine the most effective strategy for their needs," he said. "Remember, all of us are going through this crisis together. We need to try to work together to make sure all our businesses survive. It took all of us to make this industry great, and it will take all of us to restore that greatness after the battle is won and the crisis is over.”


As the April CIECAst concluded, Weidmann reminded attendees the webinar is eligible for an Automotive Management Institute credit.


“Take care of yourself and your loved ones," Weidmann said. "Stay safe and healthy. There’s no better time to stand together and make our industry stronger for the days to come.”


To watch a replay of the April CIECAst, visit this link.


The May CIECAst, scheduled for May 19, will feature Brent Johnson, director of global production management for collision at VSG, presenting “ADAS Calibrations---Do It Right and Document What You Do.”


To register for the May CIECAst, visit this link.

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