Tuesday, 07 April 2020 17:19

ASA Colorado Shares Ideas to Help Shops Survive During the COVID-19 Crisis

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Gossel has encouraged his techs and salespeople to post videos to maintain relevance and get outside their comfort zone.


“We’re trying to improve our whole team during this trial,” Gossel said.

“Facebook videos don’t have to be extremely professional,” Pellman said. “It’s real life, and it can just be you in your shop. I posted a video where I acted as if I was walking a customer through the shop so they can see what we do.”


Movies have multiple takes and there’s no reason a shop can’t delete a video and try it again if they aren’t happy with their first attempt, Capriotto said.


“This isn’t about thinking outside the box. We need to break the box so we can learn to do some new and different things,” he said.


Haglin suggested shops can use the night drop box, text-to-pay apps and other techniques to avoid face-to-face interaction, expressing curiosity about how this may change how businesses operate once the crisis is resolved.


Gossel expressed his faith that people love human contact.


“We’re meant to be together and unite,” Gossel said.


Haglin reminded folks not to panic if they touch someone in error.


“Don’t touch your face, and go wash your hands," Haglin said. "When it comes to PPE and gloves, techs should make sure to change gloves in between each car so they aren’t infecting the next vehicle they work on.”


While some rural areas have not yet been impacted, Gossel encouraged shops in those areas to do business like normal with extra precautions, but to also pay attention to what people are saying in order to be prepared and stay ahead of the curve.


"Check in on your neighbors and everyone else. It’s hard to be positive all the time, and we all need someone to talk to," Gossel said. "Now is the time to build and strengthen those relationships so you have someone to lean on, and remember that we are going to power through this.”


Haglin and Pellman reminded attendees ASA National has a legal team to assist in sharing valuable information and deciphering the laws being passed.


“The key is knowing that we are going to come out of this on top," Carpenter said. "We’re in a very good industry because we are essential, and we are going to come through this.”

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