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ATI Shares Top Five Ways to Thrive During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Chris Brower Chris Brower


The Automotive Training Institute (ATI) on March 24 interrupted its regularly scheduled webinar series to share valuable information related to the current pandemic, “Top 5 Ways to Thrive During the COVID-19 Outbreak."

ATI Senior Instructor and Coach Chris Brower discussed how to protect staff and customers, make customers feel safe, control expenses, maintain cash flow and “thrive in this challenging time with the right mindset.”


The webinar originally scheduled was “The Secret Tech."


Brower opened the webinar with some encouragement for attendees.


“The coronavirus has impacted all of your businesses, the market, the industry, but during times like this, you have to realize that we will come out of it," Brower said. "ATI really drives results, even in times like this, but today isn’t necessarily about the money; it’s about helping you weather the storm, but remember---we’re all in this together.”


Brower encouraged attendees to be proactive.


“ATI isn’t hiding from the pandemic, and you can’t hide from it either," Brower said. "Instead, get in front of it by making sure your employees are okay, preparing for what you’ll need to do during this time, and above all, your health and well-being is always number one because if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of those you love or your business.”


A poll to determine what is currently most important to webinar participants indicated that 21% were most concerned with knowing what to tell customers to make them feel safe; 19% with protecting customers and staff from infection; and 23% with controlling expenses and managing debt. Maintaining car count and cash flow was the biggest concern for 35%, the majority, while only 2% were most worried about having the right mindset to thrive and overcome the outbreak.


“We all have a natural tendency to panic when we are scared,” Brower noted. “People see us panicking and start to panic---that’s not good for anyone. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be scared because we all are, but understand that we can’t control everything, so we have to control what we can, beginning with our attitude.


"If you stay positive and keep your employees positive by assuring them you’re going to do everything you can and reminding them that we’re all in this together, you’ll come out so much better on the other end.”


Earlier that week, the Department of Homeland Security identified vehicle service and repair as essential.


“We’re lucky because that means we can stay open and aren’t one of those small businesses getting shut down right now," Brower said. "We have an opportunity here. Sure, it’s a challenging opportunity, but we have a shot.

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