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Shops Can Receive a Free AirPro Diagnostic Tool for Running Ten Scans Each Month

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AirPro Diagnostic announced on July 12 that it is offering a free scan tool to collision repair facilities.

In order to qualify for the $2,995 setup fee to be waived, the shop simply needs to perform ten billable scans per month. Michael Quinn, senior vice president of business development, stated, “We want to remove any barriers that prevent body shops from safely repairing vehicles utilizing live OEM software. We understand margins are tight for repairers and want to reach the masses with this special zero-cost offer. All body shops will now have access to our uniquely qualified, highly skilled diagnosticians and dealer level services in minutes – right in their own shops.”


The announcement was released as AirPro completed its pricing pilot. Although the initial release indicated the tool would be available to “qualified collision repairers and to every shop that holds any OEM certifications,” Quinn has since clarified that any repairer is eligible. “We want that tool out making money,” he said.


Rather than selling the AirPro like most scan tools, AirPro Diagnostics licenses the tool indefinitely while the company retains actual ownership and only charges the waivable setup fee. If a shop does not meet the eligibility quote of ten scans per month, the shop will be asked to send the tool back to AirPro, according to Quinn; the company will not demand the setup fee.


In AirPro’s statement, the company asserted, “AirPro has been tested and approved by OEMs and meets rigorous manufacturer requirements by having live OEM software and the scan tool resident or ‘local’ to the vehicle. As such, the AirPro system follows the process that OEMs utilize to validate their vehicles in the manufacturing process. AirPro delivers pinpoint diagnostics, module programming as well as legacy, static and dynamic calibrations in-shop while offering an industry first-and-highly coveted ‘Ten-Minute Response Pledge.'"


AirPro’s average MSRP for a pre-repair scan that identifies codes ranges from $89.95 to $119.95, while post-repair scans average $119.95 to $129.95. If a quick pre-scan fires no codes, AirPro will charge only the cost of the mandatory post-repair scan, but Quinn pointed out that repairers who do not have to pay AirPro for the pre-scan may still have legitimate charges to bill the insurer or customer.

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