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Monday, 08 July 2019 21:16

Erica Eversman Seeks to Bring Vehicle Owners’ Perspective to NAIC as Consumer Liaison

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Consumer Liaison Erica Eversman provides collision industry perspective during NAIC meetings.   Consumer Liaison Erica Eversman provides collision industry perspective during NAIC meetings. File photo


With my presence [at the NAIC], I’m able to give the commissioners information that local repairers can elaborate on. For example, the Kansas insurance commissioner had spoken with a shop before the April meeting, and after my presentation, she later told the shop that she now better understood what the repairer was trying to explain.


I want to help by opening the eyes of the insurance commissioners and then the repairers can provide them with the real education. With the connections I’m making through the NAIC, I’m in a much better position to refer repairers to the right person—someone with the authority to explore their concerns and further the interests of the repairers and their clients.


Q: Do insurance commissioners accept complaints from collision repair facilities?


A: Each regulator I spoke with appeared baffled by the idea that many collision repairers have been told only consumers can file complaints. The NAIC and the individual insurance commissioners confirmed that repairers can file complaints.


Since the meeting, I’ve received emails from shops that were prevented [from filing complaints] and with their permission, I’m sharing this information with the insurance commissioners to demonstrate the response repairers receive from their departments, so we can determine if this is a miscommunication or if it’s a department practice about which the commissioner does not have information.


Q: Should collision repairers file complaints with their insurance commissioners then?


A: Yes, they should absolutely continue to file complaints—even if they aren’t accepted today, I believe they will be in the near future once we clear up any lingering confusion.


Shops should also help customers file complaints since the consumer cannot sufficiently explain the need for the repair. Whenever expertise is involved, it’s easiest to hear from the experts. Shops can email me if they’re having issues with getting their complaints accepted and provide permission for me to share with the insurance commissioner in their area. I’m compiling a physical record of shops unable to file complaints—so yes, continue to file if you have complaint-worthy issues.


Q: When is the next NAIC meeting and what are your priorities?

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