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Monday, 08 July 2019 14:16

Erica Eversman Seeks to Bring Vehicle Owners’ Perspective to NAIC as Consumer Liaison

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Consumer Liaison Erica Eversman provides collision industry perspective during NAIC meetings.   Consumer Liaison Erica Eversman provides collision industry perspective during NAIC meetings. File photo


Attorney Erica Eversman is well-known in the collision repair world for her work geared at educating shops about proper documentation as well as their responsibilities to the vehicle owners whose cars they repair.

Earlier this year, Eversman was accepted as a consumer liaison for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and she graciously agreed to share her thoughts and goals with Autobody News readers.


Q: How did you obtain the role of consumer liaison with the NAIC?


A: I applied for the position. I’m not the only consumer liaison; there are around 30 of us compared to about 1000 insurance reps. As a result, we have a smaller voice and a bigger job to do. We have the opportunity to provide state insurance commissioners and their staffs with information they don’t hear constantly. We want to help them understand how regulations impact consumers—both positively and negatively—and what insurers do well compared to what they could improve upon.


This program has been around for a while and it’s open to people who can demonstrate they have a consumer focus. The NAIC vets’ candidates to ensure they are advocates for the consumer and not the insurance industry, since they already have that perspective available to them. I applied and was accepted for 2019, but NAIC consumer liaisons have to reapply each year.


Q: Why did you apply to become a consumer liaison for the NAIC?


A: I saw an opportunity to provide education to the insurance industry at a level we’ve previously been unable to reach on a grand scale. This role allows me to bring the consumer perspective to the attention of various insurance commissioners and their departments as it pertains to automotive insurance issues; I’m able to share the consumers’ voice with insurance regulators. Although I’m still new to this, it seems like most of the regulators are willing to hear what we [consumer liaisons] have to say.


Q: How receptive do the insurance commissioners seem to be when it comes to collision repair industry concerns?

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