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Mike Anderson Debuts Seminar on 100% Disassembly, Parts Mirror Matching

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Mike Anderson debuts 100 Disassembly Parts Mirror Matching seminar


During AASP/NJ's 2017 NORTHEAST Conference and Tradeshow, Mike Anderson of Collision Advice presented a seminar on "100% Disassembly and Parts Mirror Matching" for the first time ever.

Designed as a four-hour class, Anderson's brand new session was condensed to just over an hour. Despite it being the last session of the day, the presenter began with the energy and enthusiasm that have come to be synonymous with the name "Mike Anderson."


Noting that "shops say they are doing 100% disassembly, but they really only do about 80%," Anderson dove into the benefits of 100% disassembly. Locating all damage and parts in the beginning means one estimate and one parts order, thus minimizing the stress and chaos caused by repeatedly starting and stopping the repair process.


In addition to reducing last minute rush orders and accompanying fees, the benefits of 100% disassembly include minimizing supplements, improving CSI, ensuring on-time delivery, and enhancing the efficiency of the mirror matching process. Anderson pointed out, "It costs $100 in manpower each time you have to order parts. It's cheaper to do it right the first time."


By performing 100% disassembly at the beginning of the repair process, shops can identify all critical parts and ensure they arrive before the repair begins. This eliminates the stop and start process which makes technicians inefficient, and it can also improve a shop's sales per technician. It's also a great way to get paid easier because the part has already been removed when the insurance adjuster comes out, showing the validity of your R&I item on the estimate.


Sharing some tips for implementing 100% disassembly, Anderson stressed that it begins by working with your technicians to determine why they would R&I something. He stressed the need to be respectful during this conversation and to create mutual understanding.


Next, shop owners should make a list and check it twice to ensure they've R&I'd everything for access to control points for measuring, to restore corrosion protection, to set up and measure, and to perform the repair. Anderson confirmed that shops who've implemented 100% disassembly have seen improved performance and reduced cycle time. "We made the difference by evoking a thought process, developing a culture they could buy into, and starting a discussion with shop employees. That discussion was valuable because it created an 'a-ha moment.' My goal today is to create an 'a-ha moment' for each of you that you can share with your teams."

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