Monday, 22 February 2016 13:06

ASA Hosts Online Demo of New OEM Resource Center

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On Wednesday, February 17, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) hosted an online demonstration and press conference on a new tools resource, created in conjunction with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. Donny Seyfer, ASA Chair, conducted the information webinar about the new OEM Resource Center, a project that began several years ago.

Recognizing that there is key OEM information that technicians are often unable to find, ASA collaborated with the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which is comprised of 12 automotive manufacturers who collectively represent over 70 percent of all car and truck sales in the US, to compile all important OEM information in one location.

Seyfer observed, "There are sites that do similar things, but there's nothing else exactly like this."

Some information included on the OEM Resource Center addresses scan tool specifics, as well as calibration and programming updates, service information and training materials.

According to Seyfer, "Manufacturers have names for things that defy classification so the industry needs an authoritative position on where to find this information. With so many possible resources, finding the information you need can seem like an art form; though much of the information is free before paying for any kind of subscription, many people don't know where to find it. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers agreed to assist with creating a special information portal, but the site was created by techs for techs. It was made to be super simple and easy to navigate."

From the launch page, industry professionals can click links to direct them to the OE's landing page where they've highlighted the most important and useful information. Each OE has its own landing page with links to the most commonly requested information. All links have been tested to ensure they direct professionals to the most current, accurate information.

During this huge project, ASA also created a scan tool page for each OE which is updated with the "latest and greatest," Seyfer said. Each scan tool page contains a link to direct users on how to bring the hardware and software and get support.

While the information available is the same as what is found on OE websites, since that is where the user is directed, OERepairInfo.com focuses on what each OE does differently.

Seyfer eexplained, “We organized it into those key things that can trip up the repair process or discourage a shop from taking on a new car line because they don’t have a direct source to the information they need to become ‘Service Ready,’ our pet industry term coined by Toyota’s Mark Saxonberg.”

ASA is looking to add other OEs in the future, but there's no timeline on that initiative.

ASA's goal was to make this resource "as comprehensive as possible," Seyfer said. "With this resource, we're getting the facts straight from the source - the OEs. It is our belief that this resource will cut down the guesswork when it comes to finding accurate, updated information in a timely manner."