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Tuesday, 08 June 2021 15:21

Best Body Shops’ Tips: Jake Rodenroth of asTech Shares Insights on Collision Repair Diagnostics

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Jake Rodenroth, asTech’s director of OEM and industry technical relations, wearing augmented reality glasses. Jake Rodenroth, asTech’s director of OEM and industry technical relations, wearing augmented reality glasses.


...having technicians first confirm the vehicle model and trim level and then determining the cause and correction. It also involves inspecting the severity of damage by confirming body specification and suspension geometry using pre-alignments and 3D measuring systems.


“The trim level designates how many features and control modules it has,” said Rodenroth. “All collisions are inheritably different and there is nothing routine about each vehicle repair.”


Often dealing with the newest vehicles in the worst shape, technicians need access to all vehicle control modules and features to ensure a safe and proper repair. Welding and painting operations, as well as vehicle disassembly, may impact the vehicle control systems. In addition, many labor operations require ADAS calibration.


“After a collision, we should be really focused on making sure we see all of the modules and identify all of the problems as proactively as possible,” said Rodenroth.


OEM Repair Procedures & Scan Tools


Although some collision repair technicians turn to YouTube when looking for information to repair a vehicle, Rodenroth highly advises checking the OEM repair procedures.


“I feel like we learn on every car,” he said. “We have to humble ourselves and research what is involved so you can get it right. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find,” he said.


He recommends starting small and researching how to remove a bumper cover, disconnect a battery or perform a four-wheel alignment.


Increasingly, Rodenroth said, dealer groups, OEM certified repair shops and many independent facilities are committed to following OEM procedures.


Rodenroth encourages technicians to...