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The Best Body Shops' Tips: Robaina Direct Addresses Considerations for 'Small and Medium Damage Repairs'

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During a recent Guild 21 podcast sponsored by VeriFacts, Bryan Robaina asked attendees if it’s best to replace parts with new ones during a repair to maintain the vehicle’s OEM / Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) status. 

Half of those listening to the presentation replied “yes”; the remainder answered “no” or were unsure. 

Robaina, founder of Eco Repair Systems of North America, the first company approved by BMW for its panel repair tools and equipment, and Robaina Direct LLC, said that in an ideal (repairable) situation, it may be advantageous to repair parts rather than replace them. Doing so can also help reduce severity when conditions permit. In fact, he said, many vehicle manufacturer programs will confirm that the best thing to do to maintain CPO status is to not replace a part. 

“Every OEM has its own constraints about what allows repairers to go the route of replacement and some with regards to repair,” said Robaina. “This is something that you need to confirm with the OEM documentation work instructions and then make a judgment call.” 

When looking at repairs in general, according to Robaina, the main question is: “Does the part need to be replaced or repaired?” In most cases, Robaina said it is not recommended that technicians replace a structural panel that is rivet bonded or welded to the vehicle if the damage by OEM standard does not require replacement. 

Robaina’s presentation on small/medium dent repairs on outer sheet metal and aluminum panels was part of Guild 21’s three-part series on repair versus replace. The earlier segments included Kurt Lammon, president of Polyvance, and Scott McKernan, president of #1 Vinyl & Leather Repair, discussing plastic repair and interior parts, and Ryan Hampton, Bill Park and Tony Frasher, owners of The 300 Advantage, sharing opportunities for Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in collision repair.

Robaina Direct specializes in creating, supplying and co-developing solutions for small- and medium-damage repairs for OEM collision repair programs and MSOs. The company’s mission is to drive down the severity of repairs based on OEM-approved and well-balanced DRP-approved repair processes that result in better cycle times, more touch time hours and better gross profit (GP). 

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