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Stacey Phillips

Stacey Phillips photoStacey Phillips is a freelance writer for the automotive industry based in Southern California. She has 20 years of experience as an editor including writing in a number of businesses and fields.


She can be reached at sphillips.autobodynews@gmail.com. 

Friday, 15 June 2018 18:02

The Best Body Shops’ Tips: How To Increase CSI, Encourage Repeat Business and Differentiate Your Shop

Written by
Nick Schoolcraft, president of Phoenix Solutions Group Nick Schoolcraft, president of Phoenix Solutions Group


We’ve found that shops that centralize the employee with the customer will see higher productivity, higher profitability, an increase in collision sales and higher referral rates. We’ve also seen better employee engagement leading to better business metrics---like 17 percent higher productivity.

Phoenix Solutions Groups’ tips to enhance your employee experience:

1) Empower your people: Ensure employees feel essential to what they are doing every day and inspire them; employees need to feel trusted so they can come to you with questions and feedback. We work with shops to redefine their mission statements to incorporate the employee’s voice, as well as utilize customer comments and research to help empower the employee base.

2) Teach the “why,” not the how: Provide your team tools and solutions to help solve the issues they face by understanding what is occurring in your shop; invest in consistent coaching and training and lead rather than mandating actions to achieve a better outcome. Using an employee engagement survey like the one we use with our customers helps determine the needs of your employees, which is critical in developing a better strategy and training curriculum.

3) Reward and recognize regularity: Acknowledge employee contributions and utilize customer feedback to appreciate good work; ensure your team is unified to help them thrive; provide opportunities for fun during and after work; and support staff with tools and resources. Remember, recognition and rewards do not always have to be money---people like to be treated fairly and recognized by their peers.

4) Create a transparent world where you foster growth, collaboration and trust: Keep staff informed about the business and inspire collaboration; ensure they are aware of how their role aligns with goals of a body shop; and encourage them to be transparent to customers during the repair process. The more the customers are informed and the employees are aware of what’s happening, the more encouraged they are going to feel in their interactions with customers. This strategy can be easily implemented through the development of a more robust surveying and research solution. 

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