Are You Itemizing Vehicle Prep Steps Necessary Prior to ADAS Calibrations? (article continued)

I think it’s going to become more important that shops ask vehicle owners to bring their vehicle in full of fuel whenever possible, explaining it’s necessary for proper calibrations. This is something that always should have been done in order to do a proper suspension alignment, but now it’s just as critical---or perhaps more so---for calibrations. And if you do need to add fuel, contact the customer ahead of time to avoid the type of situation this shop found itself in.

So the bottom line is estimates and invoices that include a calibration should also include lines items for whatever vehicle prep was required. Make sure you’re researching those requirements in the OEM information, and then make sure it’s being done properly. Don’t try to cheat it.

There are some OEMs that may say if you have a half-tank of gas, you can offset it by adding a set amount of weight added to the vehicle. But if the OEM doesn’t call that out, you need to make sure it has a full tank of gas.

The other thing: If you sublet your calibrations, you want to make sure these vehicle prep steps are done, either by your shop, if practical, before it goes to the sublet vendor, or by that sublet vendor. You may want to ask that sublet vendor to provide photos or other documentation that the necessary vehicle prep was done.

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