Car-O-Liner® Helps V & F Auto Body Repair Vehicles Properly, Save Time (article continued)

Frank said he then demoed the Car-O-Liner® Car-O-Tronic® Vision2™, which they retrofitted to their current frame machines.

“The Car-O-Liner® reps said the Vision measuring system would eliminate screwing together the car and fitting it together, and at first, we were very skeptical,” he said. “Up until that point, for radiator support, for example, we would have to screw it together, fit all the sheet metal and fit the headlamps in the bumper. Then, nine times out of 10, you had to tweak something because all you were using was a tram gauge, so you didn’t know where anything was from the centerline or the height.”

Frank said after the demo, he was pleasantly surprised to discover the reps were right.

“Vision saved us an immense amount of time, so we bought one for each shop,” he said. “After three years, we had paid off both measuring systems, so we decided to buy a Car-O-Liner® BenchRack for Metuchen. Then, shortly after, we bought two more BenchRacks for Keyport.”

V & F owner, Frank Ferraro, left, poses with his son, Frank Ferraro Jr., right, who operates the Keyport location.

Today, there are seven BenchRack™ frame machines between the two locations. In addition, V & F invested in a CTR™ 9 Resistance Spot Welder and the Keyport location has incorporated the PointX® II measuring system for blueprinting.

“We continue to rely on Car-O-Liner® to help us do the job right, which means getting the dimensions right and within specs, and supplying documentation to prove it,” said Frank.

The New Jersey shop owner added the Car-O-Liner® products are easy for everyone to use.

“We were able to get computer illiterate people to use the measuring system, which is big,” he explained.

Frank said he has also seen a 100% improvement in the repair process since switching to Car-O-Liner®.

“These products cut the cycle time in half,” he said. “The bigger jobs get done much quicker because we removed those extra steps.”

Frank added his technicians also prefer the design of the Car-O-Liner® BenchRack.

“The BenchRack is lower to the ground, so it’s less wear and tear on the technician,” he explained. “Also, access to the vehicle on all sides is greater because of the lower profile of the bench.”

Frank added the BenchRack™ takes up much less room than other frame machines, so he can fit more equipment in the space.

“On top of the ease of use, there’s also less of a carbon footprint than if you’re using bigger machines,” he explained. “Plus, when you clamp the vehicle down, it does not move, especially if you have EVO™ Anchoring & Holding, which also makes it easier to pull advanced materials.”

Frank concluded by sharing about V & F Auto Body’s relationship with its Car-O-Liner® representative.

“We’re in contact with our jobber constantly, and they come out quickly to repair the machines,” he said. “If we ever have a problem, the support on the products is superb.”

Car-O-Liner-North America
(800) 521-9696
LinkedIn: @car-o-liner-hq

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