Pictured, left to right, are partners Chris Kalinowski and Sean Cusick at Knights Collision with tech Josh LaTouche.

Brooklyn, NY, Auto Body Shop Proud of Its New Autel IA800 System (article continued)

“Twelve years ago, we moved into this building that was previously a car dealership,” Cusick said. “We put the Autel machine right in the middle of what used to be the dealership’s showroom and the customers see it when they come in. It’s a beautiful piece of equipment and we want to show it off.”

LaTouche is already an expert at working on the Autel IA800 and learns more about it every day, he said.

“Our Autel rep is amazing and he is always available if I have any questions, but the whole system is very intuitive,” he said. “To get started a year ago, the rep came here for two days, and we covered everything during that time. Every once in a while, we have a tricky calibration and I will call him or he comes here. He’s very close [in New Jersey] and he is so knowledgeable, it’s great.”

The most common recalibrations LaTouche performs are on front radar and blind spots on newer vehicles. “I can safely say that Josh is a black belt when it comes to using this equipment and that’s why he is a valuable part of the team here at Knights Collision,” Cusick said.

Knights Collision is located in a former car dealership in Brooklyn, NY.

The Autel IA800 is well-known as the fastest and most precise calibration frame positioning without mechanical measurement. The Autel Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System features six high-resolution cameras to deliver three-dimensional adjustment for the most accurate frame centering and vehicle distance recognition.

Compatible with Autel’s existing Standard Calibration Frame, and designed for seamless integration, this system optically measures two-wheel clamp targets to significantly cut down setup time and increase placement precision. It features the most extensive camera, radar, lidar and night vision calibration coverage in the industry today.

“We can scan and calibrate any car we get here and that has been huge,” Cusick said. “The equipment is well-designed and sturdy and the codes are always updated with the newest OEM information, so we are never surprised by anything. When the car comes in, we are already planning the diagnostics, which makes the entire process seamless and timely.

“We get a lot of newer vehicles here all the time and we never have to job out any calibrations, so our Autel IA800 is making money for us. We can highly recommend this piece of equipment because we are stressing quality and safety with this machine. When the car leaves here, we have that piece of mind, and that is very important.”

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