CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc., a leading SaaS platform for the P&C insurance economy, introduced the CCC® First Party Claim Portal, a new digital capability to streamline and improve the casualty claims process for insurance customers and their policyholders. 

The First Party Claim Portal enables injured parties to digitally interact with their insurer, exchange information pertaining to an auto-related injury claim and receive claim status in real-time. 

Financial services company USAA collaborated with CCC to bring this innovative capability to reality and advance its strategy to help support members across the claims experience through the use of digital technology. USAA is also the first auto insurer to leverage the CCC First Party Claim Portal.

“USAA is working to simplify every facet of the claims experience for our members," said Matthew Stewart, vice president, USAA claims operations. “CCC's technology plays a meaningful role in our ability to intelligently digitize auto physical damage and casualty claims. With the CCC First Party Claim Portal we will be able to streamline the historically manual first-party casualty claims experience, offering members greater transparency, easier access and personalization throughout the process."

The First Party Claim Portal is the latest solution in CCC's comprehensive casualty claims technology offering, which spans first-and third-party claims management. 

At first notice of loss, an insurance staff adjuster can invite the injured party to login to the First Party Claim Portal, set up their communications preferences and begin taking advantage of a range of digital capabilities, including mobile document sharing and real-time text or email updates on claims status. The CCC First Party Claim Portal can replace a number of onerous, manual steps, creating a more seamless, transparent digital experience for policyholders to engage with insurers while claims are being resolved.

“CCC is proud to support USAA as it moves steadfastly toward its vision to deliver straight through claims processing as a means to deliver better, more personalized experiences to its members," said Scott Janik, senior vice president, Insurance Services Group, CCC. “The First Party Claim Portal builds on CCC’s success delivering a digital experience that bridges APD claims to casualty claims and beyond."

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Source: CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc.

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