PPG demonstrated its MoonWalk refinish paint mixing system.

PPG's suite of hardware and software can save painters time while increasing efficiency and accuracy.

PPG held an event Oct. 31 at Drai’s Beach Club at The Cromwell in Las Vegas to show off its digital paint matching and mixing tools, including its MAGICBOX smart device, DIGIMATCH advanced color matching tool, VISUALIZID digital color visualization tool, LINQ Color Software and MOONWALK refinish paint mixing system.

The components work together to save auto body shops time and money in the paint booth.

PPG MAGICBOX Digital Assistant

The PPG MAGICBOX smart device eliminates the need for specialized computers in the mixing room by delivering a body shop assistant, connectable to new and existing USB scales.

  • Faster processes: Send jobs to the scale through the PPG MagicBox device from PPG LINQ Color software to complete the mix quickly without the need for a separate large PC. 
  • Smart mixing rooms: Equipped with sensors that automatically detect the humidity and temperature, PPG MagicBox can be placed in the shop to recommend the right primers and clearcoats to use for the relevant conditions---along with the correct ratio and combination. 
  • Safer: PPG MagicBox is robust, industrial grade and explosion-proof, making it safe to use in the mixing room.
  • Convenient size: PPG MagicBox, though small in size, is made of tough, resistant materials that can handle industrial environments. It gives more space on the mixing table and allows for less clutter and wires on the workstation, making it the perfect body shop assistant.
Attendees of the event could get an up-close look at PPG's newest innovations.

PPG DIGIMATCH Advanced Color Matching Tool 

The PPG DIGIMATCH advanced color matching tool helps body shops reduce repair time and save money. It has a functional ergonomic design that is lightweight, can be used with one hand, and boasts a digital color camera packed with technology. 

  • Key features: Intuitive 2.8-inch high-resolution touchscreen with large icons for easy navigation; a docking station to charge and store spectro safely and dust-free; portable, ergonometric and lightweight, with the small size allowing users to maneuver into difficult areas on vehicles; a multi-angle color spectrophotometer featuring six reflectance and six imaging angles provides a magnified image to avoid defects when reading; and can be connected via WiFi or USB cable. 
  • Improve performance: With three pressure sensors around the measurement port, PPG DigiMatch takes less than 30 seconds for a car to be read even on curved surfaces, significantly improving body shop and individual painter performance. 
  • Save time: Reduce repair costs and time spent doing spray-outs. Users can also compare the color differences of two adjacent parts. 
  • Go mobile: The compact, intuitive device is completely mobile and can connect to WiFi. It also has a large storage capacity that equates to 160 jobs. 
  • Easy to use: PPG DigiMatch is intuitive for painters without training due to its high-quality touchscreen interface and large, user-friendly icons. The device connects to PPG VISUALIZID, making the color measurement and identification process quicker and easier.

PPG VISUALIZID Digital Color Visualization Tool

PPG VISUALIZID is a digital color visualization tool that, when connected with PPG’s camera-equipped spectrophotometers (RapidMatch XI and DIGIMATCH system), helps users find the best color variant from PPG’s extensive color match library. 

  • Key features: Advanced 3D rendering, including virtual blend and edge views; manipulate shape orientation and light source; realistic visualization for variants that would require spray out; no additional computer hardware required; removes the need for physical color tools; access to PPG's entire color match library; intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Increase match quality: Using advanced rendering technology, users receive realistic visuals to select the best match every time, reducing dependency on physical color tools. 
  • Save time: Reduce painting costs and time spent making spray outs to support the decision in choosing the right formula, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Reduce inefficiencies: With less room for human error, fewer repetitions and the ability to make quicker matches and share them immediately, body shops can easily improve their overall efficiency. 
  • Boost profitability: Increase body shop profits with time and paint savings.

PPG LINQ Color Software

PPG LINQ Color cloud-based digital color software delivers improvements during the entire process of identifying the right color for a repair. It enables mixing through a variety of connected and wireless dispensing solutions. 

  • Key features: Existing PCs and PPG spectrophotometers and scales are compatible; no installation required; no training required with PPG's new user interface; technical issues resolved by experienced remote helpdesk. 
  • Immediate results: Users can access PPG LINQ Color software from any internet-capable device as it is an optimized, cloud-based solution. 
  • Time savings: Save time with the PPG LINQ Color system's rapid search response, via powerful cloud computing and PPG's proprietary algorithm.
  • Direct wireless connectivity: The system allows users to communicate with their spectrophotometers wirelessly, as well as connect to scales without the need for a PC via the PPG MAGICBOX system, a small device that links directly to scales and receives formulas from the PPG LINQ Color system.
  • Live information: PPG LINQ Color's live update and backup system provides the latest information. There’s no need for manual software updates with PPG’s new formulas available right away and users can save data, customer formulas and information to the cloud.

PPG MOONWALK Refinish Paint Mixing System

The PPG MOONWALK system is an automated refinish paint mixing system that saves labor time, reduces waste and transforms the refinish mixing room into a cleaner and safer environment. Paint technicians and body shop managers benefit from the extreme accuracy of the automation of the mixing process, improving speed, quality and color consistency. 

Introduced in 2019, The PPG MoonWalk system sets a new standard in refinish paint mixing, removing the key pain points of users during the paint mixing process. It minimizes material consumption and as a self-contained system, provides a clean, splash-free workspace. 

The system is sized to fit all mixing rooms and features 80 storage spaces for tinters and 13 positions in the dispensing rack. 

The user loads the required tinter, additive and thinner bottles into the rack---the system checks each bottle’s barcode, automatically dispensing the correct amount of product and printing a label. 

The system achieves greater productivity and efficiency while also limiting the potential for human error.

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