Aug. 7 is the single deadliest day of the year to drive American roads, according to a new interactive crash map commissioned by Nextbase, the world's leading dash cam brand.

The Nextbase Interactive Crash Map---which will debut Aug. 9 at to life the latest available data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), allowing users to easily view fatal crash counts across the U.S. by locality (state, county, region) and time period (week, day, second), raising awareness of the dangers we all face when stepping into a vehicle.

"Our mission at Nextbase is to leverage information technology to make the world's roads safer for everyone," said Bryn Brooker, head of road safety for Nextbase. "The Nextbase Interactive Crash Map is a tool for data analysis and visualization that we hope will inspire more Americans to place greater focus and effort on safe driving."

Nextbase's analysis of the 39,500 crashes reported by NHTSA during 2021 found 177 crashes occurred on Aug. 7, more than on any other day across all 12 months of that year. Although on-road dangers are frequently associated with major holidays and expected increases in drunk driving incidents, or with the treacherous conditions of winter snow and ice, five of the top 10 most deadly driving days on American roads occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the unofficial bookends of summer and the summer driving season.

Drunk, drugged, distracted and drowsy driving and, of course, speeding are all major factors that contribute to car crashes across the U.S., and NHTSA estimates traffic fatalities rose once again in early 2022.

Source: Nextbase

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