The auto body technician apprentice program is open to students, veterans and anyone seeking a new career in the auto services industry

Caliber’s innovative Technician Apprenticeship Program (TAP) recently graduated its 1,000th apprentice and announced the enrollment of an additional 2,000 apprentices, a strong response to the growing demand for skilled auto body technicians in the automotive industry.

The TAP program, a cornerstone of Caliber's commitment to "Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life," emphasizes practical training and hands-on experience. It has been instrumental in not only equipping individuals with vital skills but also in addressing the industry-wide shortage of qualified technicians. 

"This milestone is not just about numbers,” a spokesperson for Caliber noted. “It's about the lives we've impacted and the service quality we've enhanced across the industry." 

The program's success also points to a larger trend in the industry towards investing in specialized training programs to bridge skill gaps. With technological advancements and evolving customer expectations shaping the automotive landscape, programs like TAP are becoming increasingly crucial.

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