The study looked at fatal car accidents, as well as specifically fatal car accidents involving a drunk or distracted driver or speeding, and number of people killed in fatal crashes. Image via Shutterstock.

In a comprehensive analysis conducted by Forbes Advisor, Albuquerque, NM, emerged as the most perilous city for drivers in the U.S., outpacing others in fatal accidents and risky driving behaviors.

The investigation used five critical metrics to gauge the extent of dangerous driving across the 50 most populated cities, putting Albuquerque at the top with a perfect score of 100 out of 100. The city reported the highest number of fatal accidents involving distracted drivers and ranked significantly high in other alarming categories, including drunk driving and speeding.

Following closely behind Albuquerque were Memphis, TN, and Detroit, MI, which also showed high levels of dangerous driving behaviors. Memphis, for instance, had the highest overall number of fatal car accidents and incidents involving drunk drivers, while Detroit was noted for a high number of fatal crash victims.

The rest of the top 10 included Tucson, AZ, Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, Louisville, KY, Phoenix, AZ, Fort Worth, TX, and Tampa, FL.

Driving behaviors have an impact on public safety and personal finances. Risky driving not only increases the likelihood of accidents but also leads to higher car insurance rates, as insurers calculate premiums based on risk levels derived from such data.

The methodology behind Forbes Advisor's rankings involved a detailed comparison of city data on fatal car accidents, including factors like drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding, using information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality and Injury Reporting System Tool and U.S. Census Bureau population figures.

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