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Gunder Supporters Release Infinity Insurance's Voice Recordings

Written by  Barrett Smith
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Barrett Smith, with Autodamage Experts, has released the following voice recording of a call made by a representative of Infinity Insurance to one of Ray Gunder's customers. Listen for yourself by downloading the WAV file at the bottom of this story.

The recordings have been widely quoted in the appealed case which was recently resolved in favor of State Farm. To see background click HERE.

Smith comments:

"This type of underhanded practice goes on more often than most are aware or would like to believe and needs to be curtailed, and one sure way is for it to be exposed to the masses and for those who conduct themselves in this way to fear exposure.

"For those of you who know Ray Gunder and the manner in which Gunder’s Auto Center operates, listening to this recording will likely make your blood boil... it did mine. This "supposed" claim professional is trying their best to interfere with and undermine the relationship between Gunder’s and at least one of its customers. Who knows how many times this takes place?

Continues Smith, "One has to ask themselves, what type of person has the lack of conscience and nerve to lie to a customer about a shop in which this claim-person has never dealt with or have first hand information to support what they say?

"The simple fact is she doesn’t and it is apparent she is merely doing as told and reading from a prepared word track intended and designed to disparage Gunder’s good name and destroy the confidence the customer had in selecting Gunder’s. A selection based upon their experience in having their vehicles repaired at Gunder’s more than once in years past, and have earned their respect!

"This so-called claim professional likely considers herself to be a honest and ethical person who cares for her family and attends church on Sunday; but on Monday, goes to work and does things that she is told….regardless if right or wrong and does so despite her personal, ethical or moral convictions, just as a mercenary or a paid assassin would go about their business, hiding behind the Corporate Infinity Badge.

So one has to ask why a large insurance company would do this? Simple, because they have an agenda to control the collision industry and they have done so without being held accountable and have reaped huge profits. Profits that were once the collision repairers.

"The very scary part; they and others who chose to conduct business in this manner will continue to do so to discourage any repairers who choose to step up and say no to underpayments for necessary processes and materials needed to properly serve their clients."

Ray Gunder adds:

"Know this and take serious heed: As long as the rewards outweigh the risks, like a child sneaking cookies, insurers will continue to increase their efforts to profit off the backs of others' hard work and sweat while avoiding the liabilities that come with underpaid repairs. And if you don’t merely submit and allow them free reign over your business, you too will become a victim of this vile and unethical practice of lies and deceit about you and your business.

"Just as slapping the child’s hand for taking too many cookies, or punching the bully in the nose when he comes to take your lunch money, it's only when the risks begin to outweigh the rewards that bad behaviors will change.

"Each repair professional out there needs to make a conscientious choice to either become a part of the solution or remain part of the problem. The choice is yours…use it wisely.

"As for Gunder’s; we will continue to do our part to instill accountability and deter insurers from harming us and our customers. There is strength in numbers and together we con conquer these types of practices in a short time frame…regardless, you can be assured I’ll continue to “Pound That Rock.” The person or persons responsible for these slanderous, outrageous lies (Lisa Whitehurst being one of them) will be held personally accountable. I have to wonder if she knows the effect her hurtful lies could have the twenty-five families dependent on work at Gunder’s Auto Center, all of which are honest, hardworking, ethical people. Is it okay to hide behind her “Infinity Corporate Badge” and attack anyone she’s told by management to  suppress their voice? Opinions welcome."

To view Infinity Insurance's response to the recording please click HERE.

Ray Gunder
Gunder’s Auto Center
(863) 688-7897

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