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You’ve filled your collision center with the latest in equipment and technology, trained your techs and ensured your shop is up-to-date with safety guidelines. What else can you do to establish a reputation for having a professional facility?

Finding the right person to hire at your body shop can make a huge difference to the success of your business.

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Brad Mewes, founder of Supplement, during SEMA 2016


During a recent SCRS seminar at SEMA 2016, Brad Mewes began his presentation by asking a room full of body shop owners to think back a decade ago when there were just a handful of consolidators in the industry, such as Caliber.

Many collision repair businesses are worried about getting cars in and out of their production areas and having better cycle time.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, president of Discover Leadership Training, during SEMA 2016.


In a large meeting room filled to capacity during the recent SEMA show, Mike Jones asked attendees to “listen with the intent of being influenced.”

An automobile accident can be a very traumatic experience and vehicle owners look to us, as body shop owners and technicians, to take care of them and their vehicles. It seems obvious, but sometimes when we’re caught up in the day-to-day routine, we can easily neglect to provide excellent customer service.

Mention the word safety in a collision repair shop and most employees think of wearing eye protection, putting on gloves and steel-toed boots, and using a respirator.

As baby boomers in this industry retire, body shops are depending more and more on Generation X and Millennials. Millennials, also known as “Generation Y” or “Gen Me,” include anyone born after 1980. They now make up the majority of the population and the workforce. That means more than 80 million Americans.

Are you currently part of a DRP or considering participating in one? During the NACE CARS Expo & Conference, Mike Cassata talked to attendees about how to get the most out of a DRP relationship.