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PartsTrader announced that it has integrated Hollander Interchange codes within the PartsTrader application to assist suppliers when they are quoting recycled parts.

The Hollander Interchange is a 75-year old numbering system that indexes which parts are interchangeable among vehicles. For example, the timing cover for a 1976 GMC Truck also fits a 1969 Corvette. Hollander Interchange Manuals cover most foreign and domestic cars and light trucks from the 1920s to the present. The manuals cover more than 150 mechanical and body parts and assemblies.

For information on how to use the Interchange, go to

In the PartsTrader system a collision repair estimator will be asked, when appropriate, clarifying vehicle option questions prior to sending out a quote request for their specific part needs. The estimator’s answers to these questions will trigger PartsTrader to display the appropriate Hollander code to the quoting recycler whenever that code is available for the parts or assemblies required.

The new functionality has been previewed in Illinois and New Jersey, and is now available to PartsTrader users nationwide.

“The repairers and recyclers who have been using this feature in our preview areas have been pleased with the efficiencies it has delivered to them,” said Dale Sailer, PartsTrader’s vice president of business development. “Our development team has worked diligently on asking the right questions of repairers, and to display the Hollander codes in an easy-to-use manner for any supplier quoting recycled parts. PartsTrader’s goal is to continually improve our solution so that it reduces the risk of getting the wrong parts and creates efficiencies for both the repairer and the supplier.”

Said Rob Cooper, CEO of PartsTrader, “In meeting with recyclers across the country, we’ve heard the need for integration with Hollander Interchange loud and clear, and it’s exciting to be able to respond to the market’s needs in such a positive way.”

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The Automotive Division of ASQ (American Society for Quality) recently awarded Bob Frayer of NSF International its prestigious Quality Leader of the Year Award for his leadership and NSF International’s commitment to testing and certifying aftermarket automotive parts. The ASQ-Automotive Division Quality Leader of the Year Award recognizes leaders in the automotive industry who exemplify outstanding dedication to quality.

Over the past four years, Frayer (NSF International Global Managing Director Automotive) has significantly increased the number of certified automotive collision replacement parts available in the market, now covering more than 20,000 vehicle applications including models from all major auto companies. As background, NSF International is a global organization with 70 years of certification and testing experience.

Frayer oversees NSF International’s Automotive Collision Certification Program, which includes parts certification through which he and other NSF engineers independently evaluate and compare the form, fit and function of aftermarket parts to original equipment (OE) parts. The program helps ensure that collision parts meet quality, safety and performance standards through rigorous facility audits and parts testing. He also oversees the Automotive Collision Parts Distributor Certification Program which certifies distributors who sell automotive collision parts.

“We are honored to recognize the achievements of Bob Frayer and NSF International for their dedication to continually advance the quality and safety of the aftermarket automotive parts industry,” said Jd Marhevko, ASQ Fellow and ASQ Automotive Division council member.

“It is an honor to receive this award on behalf of NSF International from the ASQ. NSF International and ASQ are committed to quality improvement and standards, and to helping ensure that the safety and performance of auto parts contributes to that mission,” said Frayer.

This year’s CARS will be held July 30-Aug. 2 in Detroit and for the first time, the focus will be on younger techs.
There will be a two-day, intensive program called the “Young Technician’s Symposium.” Donny Seyfer, chairman-elect of the Automotive Service Association, which sponsors CARS, reports the program will be “powered” by Bosch. “It’s the brainchild of Bob Pattengale,” said Seyfer, “and will feature cutting-edge learning techniques and thorough introductions to the electronic systems that control modern cars. Targeting the two- to three-year tech, Bosch’s trainers will use hands-on techniques mixed with classroom training to move young techs from maintenance service and light repair to adding routine diagnostic skills to their toolbox.”
Each program at CARS this year has been handpicked with an eye toward making your shop better, said Seyfer. Management sessions will be limited so that the “meeting after the meeting” networking opportunities will be enhanced.
Seyfer said the “crown jewel” of the CARS lineup will be Friday’s Telematics & Technology Forum sponsored by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. “We will bring you face-to-face with the future,” said Seyfer. “Learn about what cars are doing today and tomorrow from the engineers who build them. How does the independent repair shop fit into this world? You will only know if you attend CARS and attend this session.”
Business has changed, said Seyfer, “and things that were effective a few years ago are no longer working.” To help bring attendees up-to-date, ASA is enlisting the aid of notables such as Vin Waterhouse, Rissy Sutherland, Danny Sanchez and Margie Seyfer, all experts in their respective fields.
Always a concern are employee issues, including successfully integrating new employees into the business. Bill Haas, industry consultant and trainer, has a new class that will provide shop owners the tools they need to help new employees fit right in.
On the technical side, since CARS 2014 will be in the Motor City, representatives from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors will all be presenting classes. Pete Meier will help you bring those lab scopes back out to aid you in diagnosis for a new generation of cars.
“Speaking of diagnosis,” said Seyfer, “we are going to push the boundaries of your diagnostic techniques and understanding with presentations by Mark Warren and Chris Chesney— both technical wizards. They will bring new programs that will take your diagnosticians to areas many of them will find completely new.”
Seyfer said ASA’s board of directors and members of the association’s Mechanical Operations Committee “are excited” to present a different approach to training at CARS this year. “We surveyed members, asking what their biggest challenges were in running their business and repairing cars, and we took the dominant responses and sought out trainers to provide insight and new skills to solve those problems.” Said Seyfer, CARS is built for shop owners. “It’s built for your technicians and it is built for your sales staff,” he said. “ASA puts on a few ‘must attend’ programs each year. This year, CARS will be at the top of that list. See you in detroit!”

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Police in Charlotte, N.C., say that 500 pounds of marijuana are off the street thanks to a delivery mix up and a honest businessman. Miguel Garcia, 35, is a car lover and the owner of Boom Boom Car and Audio, was confused when he received a big package from California at his business.

“The description said chrome accessories and dash kits and that’s basically what we sell. So my first thought was maybe a vendor had sent it to me to resell it,” he told WCNC. Instead, Garcia found 500 pounds of marijuana, with a listed value of over $250,000. His sister immediately called police.

“We never had that thought in our head to keep it. It’s one of those things, you have to have do the right thing,” Garcia said. There was so much that it took officers about an hour to stack up the pot and haul it away. Police think the shipper never intended that the package be delivered because the instructions left a phone number.

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A woman was shot in the hand at an auto body shop at the corner of Summer Avenue and Eva Street in Binghampton, TN, on June 10. Neighbors say incidents like this have become all too familiar, despite their efforts to rid the neighborhood of the shop. They say at any given time of day, you can find about a dozen men at the auto body shop either working on cars parked on the street or just hanging around. Businesses have vacated the corner after being caught in crossfire stemming from activity at the shop. Help has been sought from the city and district attorney's office in shutting the place down, but it is still open for business. Sharon Norfleet moved into her home near the auto shop in February, eager to bring new life to a struggling community. Norfleet's granddaughter was in the front room of her house facing the shop when shots rang out. Norfleet didn't believe what the child said she had heard until she opened her front door to several cop cars on the street.
Before the business can be declared a nuisance and shut down, officials say the city would have to determine how much money is spent responding to criminal calls at that location.

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Recently, Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature overwhelmingly passed a bill that would have allowed many young undocumented immigrants to apply for temporary driver’s licenses. That bill would have become law if it wasn’t for Gov. Rick Scott (R).

Scott vetoed the legislation, which would have allowed beneficiaries of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy to seek driver’s licenses. Scott said his decision was rooted in his belief that DACA violates federal law.

“Although the Legislature may have been well intentioned in seeking to expedite the process to obtain a temporary driver license, it should not have been done by relying on a federal government policy adopted without legal basis,” he said in his veto message.

The measure would have added an approved deferred action application to the list of materials that people seeking driver’s licenses can use to prove their identity, according to The Miami Herald. The state House passed the bill 115-2 and the state Senate voted 36-0 to send it to Scott’s desk.

More than 291,000 DACA applications have been approved nationwide, according to the federal government. And an estimated one million undocumented immigrants of all ages reside in Florida. Immigrant-rights activists have urged state governments across the country to grant driver’s licenses to DACA recipients, saying they are necessary to get to and from work and school.

Already, many DACA recipients in Florida are eligible to receive temporary driver’s licenses under a provision in Florida law that allows non citizens with federal work permits to apply. DACA recipients can also obtain work permits, but approval of work permits sometimes does not coincide with approval for deferred action.

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Caliber has acquired two multiple collision repair shop operators with a total of nine locations—four in Los Angeles and five in Raleigh, NC. The North Carolina acquisition is the first location for Caliber in the eastern U.S.

Caliber Collision Centers announced that it acquired Classic Collision Center, Inc., with four locations in greater Los Angeles: (Los Angeles, Pasadena, Tujunga, and La Crescenta), and Haddock Collision, a dominant repairer with five locations in the Raleigh, North Carolina market (Raleigh, Wakefield, Cary-Crossroads, Cary-Maynard, and Fuquay-Varina.)

Classic Collision was founded in 1980 and Haddock in 1972.

Caliber Collision Centers' Steve Grimshaw, Caliber Collision Chief Executive Officer commented, “Our acquisition of Classic Collision Center, Inc. continues to offer more customer choices in the Southern California market.  After spending time with Classic Collision’s management team, it was obvious that Classic Collision aligns perfectly with Caliber by delivering industry-leading customer satisfaction across all four Los Angeles locations.”

“We are proud that Classic Collision Center is now a part of the nation’s leading collision repair provider,” said Majic Berenji, Classic Collision President.  “This combination will allow the company to continue to grow, while providing Classic Collision’s customers with even higher standards of quality and personal service that has become our trademark.  It will also provide Classic Collision’s staff and their families’ new advancement opportunities and a secure future in the dynamic collision repair industry.”

“Our acquisition of Haddock Collision Centers in North Carolina represents our first of many acquisitions to come in the eastern U.S.  I am very excited to have Todd McGowan, and the entire Haddock Collision organization, join forces with Caliber,” said Grimshaw.

With these acquisitions Caliber now operates 177 collision repair facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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A Culpeper man involved in a standoff at a Madison County auto body shop was taken into custody on May 28 and is now facing charges.

According to police, a standoff started shortly after 7:30 a.m. when David Allen Cole, described as an “active shooter,” entered  Skyline Restoration, an auto body shop on Route 29 in Madison. Someone working at the shop called police.

“According to the caller, one shot had already been fired and a second shot was fired while the caller was on the phone with dispatch,” said Erik Weaver, Madison County Sheriff.

Cole, 42, stayed inside the shop from 7:30 a.m. until his arrest shortly after 10 a.m. When law enforcement first arrived the employees had already left the shop safely and Cole was the only one inside.

“After several minutes the suspect came to the door displaying the firearm. The deputies challenged the suspect at which time he pointed the firearm to his throat,” said Weaver.

Police say Cole had a semiautomatic 9 mm gun to his throat the entire time. Authorities also say a total of five empty casings were found on the property. After about two hours of negotiations, Cole surrendered.

Cole, who was an employee at Skyline Restoration, has been charged with reckless use of a firearm. He is currently being evaluated under an emergency custody order.

Police say no one was injured during the standoff, including the suspect. Those involved credit the teamwork of a number of law enforcement agencies for that.

“It was amazing to see nearly 20 organizations come together in a matter of minutes,” said Ernie Hoch, Madison County administrator.

Madison County Schools, located half a mile from the scene, were put on lockdown while the standoff took place but the lockdown has now been lifted. Police say no students were involved in the standoff.

Police were also forced to shut down Route 29 in Madison in both directions while trying to get the suspect in custody.

“The establishment was also very close to Route 29. We did not want a stray bullet leaving the vicinity and striking vehicles going up and down Route 29,” said Weaver.

The Georgia Collision Industry Association (GCIA) has extended an invitation to its members and other Georgia collision repair facilities to participate in the 2014 GCIA Labor Rate Survey starting Monday, June 2, 2014.
Unlike previous years, this year’s survey will include a real-time survey of shop labor and material rates plus a survey of training, certifications and equipment. The purpose of the 2014 survey, according to the GCIA, is to provide Georgia collision shops with Prevailing Market Rate Ranges (PMRRs) in their markets, which more accurately reflect labor and shop rates than one single prevailing rate. The GCIA says this survey methodology significantly improves the possibility that shops will be compensated fairly and reasonably for their work.
The 2014 survey is being conducted by National AutoBody (NABR) Research. After submitting the survey form, an email will be sent to you with a temporary username and password providing seven-day access to the NABR’s “Survey the Market” and “Quote” tools, the new “NABR Labor Rate & Profit Calculator” and the Shop Locator.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 21:07

ASA-Midwest—Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Written by

On Tuesday, June 10, the Springfield Chapter of ASA-Midwest held their Annual Industry Night at the Ballpark with over 30 association members and their families visiting Hammons Field to root for the Springfield Cardinals. The evening of baseball included a networking picnic at the ballpark, game tickets and a Springfield Cardinals baseball cap. Sheri Hamilton, Executive Director of the association, notes “ASA-Midwest was very pleased with the outcome of the event. We had an impressive turnout, our members had a great time, and the home team won!”

Hamilton explains “we organize the baseball outings to bring the automotive service community together for a fun night out. There is time for networking, but it is also a setting conducive to a relaxed, enjoyable evening for shop owners, employees and their families. We had a great response to this event with positive feedback from those who attended. This event has become an annual outing for the Springfield Chapter, and we look forward to continuing it in coming years.”

Other chapters of ASA-Midwest have followed suit and begun holding similar events. Their St. Louis Chapter held their own Industry Night at the Ballpark on June 2nd when they cheered on the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Des Moines Chapter will also be holding a similar event, their first Ballpark Night, on July 12th in order to enjoy an evening of strikes and hopefully a few homeruns at the Iowa Cubs’ stadium.

Hamilton believes that hosting fun events for association members is nearly as important as providing education to the industry. “In addition to bringing our members great training opportunities, we place a high importance on networking and bringing the automotive service community together for fun and interactive activities outside of their shop. This not only gives our members the opportunity to meet other professionals in their area, but it also allows for idea swapping, relationship building and a time to relax with their team. We believe these types of events are important to the strength of our membership and organization – plus we always have a great time!”

ASA-Midwest recently launched several new chapters throughout the Midwest, including Tulsa OK, Oklahoma City OK, Little Rock AR and Lincoln NE. Hamilton states “we are very excited for this new growth and the opportunity to reach new members. We will be releasing a new schedule of events for all our ASA-Midwest chapters for the Fall which will include engaging training and numerous networking opportunities for our members.”


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