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Wednesday, 02 December 2009 13:10

SDMN Dec 09 SouthWestern

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Wednesday, 02 December 2009 12:03

Download Nov 09 full issue

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 08:56

Oct 09 Southwest Full Issue

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Tuesday, 27 October 2009 17:02

Southwestern Nov 09 Contents

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Image2010 Ford F-150 Named 2009 ‘Truck of Texas’    8
2010 Jeep ‘Compact SUV of Texas’    1 Blogs About Changing OEM Attitudes    33
AASA ‘Snapshot of the Auto Industry’ in 2009    20
AB 1200 Signed Off, SB 827 Signed ‘On’    39
AkzoNobel’s New Self-Healing Clearcoat    24
Alice, TX, Shop Robbed    14
Assured Performance Pilots GM Parts Rebate    23
Auto Repair Shops For Sale in Austin Metro Area    22
Autobody News’ First Annual ‘Productivity Tools’ Roundup    12
AutoClaims Direct Has New Subrogation Plan    4
Autoland Scientech Designs Top-Tier Automotive Diagnostic Systems    19
Big R Show Panel Will Test Engine Failure Analysis    22
CAUSEY - Body Shop Alert: Scam Artists Still Want to Steal Your Money!    7
Collision Hub’s Webinar Sponsored by I-CAR    26
DuPont Designs More Than 100 Auto Products    20
DuPont Integrates Performance Coatings Services    4
DuPont Picks New Managers For New Services Division    4
ESPERSEN - Trailer Hitches on 2007 Explorer®, Mountaineer®, and Sport Trac®    36
EVANS - A Smaller Project Can Be Time or Budget Killer Without Precautions    32
Ford Approves Sherwin-Williams’ AWX Waterborne    35
Ford’s Largest Recall    22
FRANKLIN - The Big Divide—Affordable Marketing Data and Administration    26
GM OKs AkzoNobel’s Sikkens & Lesonal    18
HEY TOBY - Parts-Handling SOPs A Good Start on Implementing Lean    6
Hodges’ Blue Ribbon    4
Honda Names DuPont Supplier of the Year    38
Hybrid Happenings from Hybrid Owners of America    30
I-CAR Ed Foundation and NATEF Drawing    23
I-CAR Offers In-Shop Welding Qualification    18
I-CAR Technology Showcase at NACE/CARS    11
I-CAR/NATEF Hold 2nd Welder Drawing    23
LKQ Acquires Greenleaf Auto Recyclers    25
Massachusets Appraisers Appointee Resigns    25
Mitchell ClaimTools Digital Camera and Photo Management System    28
Mitchell to Feature New ‘Shop Workspace’ at NACE 2009    14
NATA has ALLDATA Pricing Incentives    4
NaviGates Provides Link to Whole Gates Product Database    20

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Friday, 28 August 2009 14:18

Sept. 09 Southwest Contents

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Sept. 09 Southwest Contents

$92,000 Stimulus Give-Away at NACE/CARS    7

AAIA’s Engine Repower Council (SDMN Section)    20

Advanced Variable Valve Timing (SDMN Section)   18

AEGIS Tools Innovates Windshield Repair    16

Aftermarket Govt. Affairs Update (SDMN Section) 18

AkzoNobel 2nd Quarter Results    4

Albuquerque Chop Shop One of Largest in History    12

Amaradio - A Look Into The Future    10

ASA Announces RepairPal Member Benefit (SDMN Section) 17

ASA Fly-in Focuses on McCarran-Ferguson Repeal     12

ASE Maintenance and Inspection Program (SDMN Section) 20

Basic Hybrid Powertrains (SDMN Section) 19

Boots N’ Shoot draws TIAA Support     31

Cash For Clunkers Lifts Sales to Over 1 Million    14

Chrysler Adds AkzoNobel    4

Chrysler to Change Powertrain Warranty (SDMN Section) 19

Class-Action Suit Filed Against Progressive     32

Connected Vehicle Tech On Board at AAPEX (SDMN Section) 19

Controller Area Network Systems (SDMN Section) 18

Detroit Responds with Customer Satisfaction (SDMN Section) 18

Don Chalmers ‘Best Local Business’  in Albuquerque   1

Engine Vacuum Transducers (SDMN Section) 19

Espersen - Opportunities Abound    28

Evans - Making a Kustom Trophy    27

Flash Reprogramming (SDMN Section) 18

Ford Invests in San Antonio Programs    24

Ford’s Model Fuel Efficiency for a Sustainable Future (SDMN Section) 19

Free Education Theaters at CARS 2009 Expo (SDMN Section) 19

Hey Toby! - Greg’s Autobody Gets the Lean Makeover    6

I-CAR 30th Anniversary Meeting     1

I-CAR Adjusts Prices Effective Sept. 1, 09     21

If You Can’t Measure It, Don’t Do It (SDMN Section) 19

In-Cylinder Pressure Transducers (SDMN Section) 18

Industry Tips from the Car Care Council (SDMN Section) 20

Just Who Does Improved Cycle Time Really Benefit?    35

Kelley Blue Book Says C4C Impact Widespread    24

Lancer Insurance Helps Set Up Car Rental Programs    13

Loss of Tension in the Accessory Drive Belt (SDMN Section) 18

Make Decisions Using Data, not Assumptions (SDMN Section) 19

Matching Expo with Buyers (SDMN Section) 17

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